The Art of Healing

Introducing the VisuXL dry eye treatment

VisuXL contains two key ingredients. One is called cross-linked hyaluronic acid (XL HA), something that lasts three times longer than other available treatments, and the other is called Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) which helps accelerate surface healing. It is the new standard in treatment for those suffering from dry eye and also useful to patients who are receiving from eye surgery.

The new brand aimed squarely at both patients and healthcare professionals, sets itself apart from other treatments with distinctive branding and specially commissioned images by makeup artist Tal Peleg who’s work has earned her an admiring following across social media. 
Our website for the new product is the main brand launch touchpoint. It explains the benefits to the two key audiences, helps those that are not medical professionals understand what dry eye is and how it can be effectively treated and makes the information easy to digest through simple graphics, interactive charts and video content.

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