The Oxford BioMedica Board

Beautiful photography has always been a trademark of thinkerdoer's work. We have just shot this team shot of the Oxford BioMedica Board of Directors. Group shots are notoriously difficult to do well as they more often end up looking like a Sunday league team captured against a wall. Perhaps some advantage comes from working with Oxford BioMedica for almost a decade and the understanding that brings but mostly it is know-how and hard work.

This shot was thoroughly planned out, the location at Consilium Strategic Communications their offices at 41 Lothbury researched and mock up visuals showing the positions of each member and expected composition created by the design team at thinkerdoer. In post production we added people into the walkways and wider foyer area, retouched the team so everyone looks their best and even swapped one person for another frame. Well worth the effort as the end result is something that reflects the quality of the OXB brand.

Left to right:
Peter Nolan, Lorenzo Tallarigo, Stuart Henderson, Martin Diggle, Andrew Heath, John Dawson and Stuart Paynter.

photography and illustration