Name change and new logo

Medical Ethics brand repositioning

Medical Ethics (previously Animal Ethics) is a commercial and development stage life sciences business working on better pain mitigation in wounds. Their Tri-Solfen product for animals is already successfully marketed licensing deals with Bayer AG and Dechra Pharmaceuticals PLC.

Building on their proven patent protected platform technology, the company have identified a transformational way of mitigating pain and minimising suffering associated with wounds and are now developing products to work with humans as well as animals. This of course has led to a name change.

The new company name, 'Medical Ethics' communicates the business has changed and is no longer focused only on animals but humans too.

Like the name which simply swaps 'animal' for 'medical'. the new logo retains a link to the previous monogram albeit with an updated intrepretation. Gold has also been introduced to help separate them visually from other companies in the sector who are mostly blue or green, and also to signify the 'gold standard in pain and wound management' which medical Ethics is championing.


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