It's all in the name

Renaming PropellerApp

Propeller apply insights from the healthcare industry into smartphone technology that makes staff and student engagement meaningful and efficient.

As a technology start-up they were alerted to a potential naming issue with a competitor operating in the United States and commissioned thinkerdoer to research and develop a new name. The technology gathers information from users on how effective working practices are at the coal face, gathering ideas and data which can then be recalled and used to improve both employee performance and their working environment.

ImproveWell captures the essence of this making the new name more effective from as it is descriptive, but it is also unique to them and therefore ownable as a brand.

In addtiton to the name, thinkerdoer reworked the logo to retain the same visual appearance as the previous name to help brand recognition to customers and potential customers who were already aware or Propeller make the link between it and the new name.

brand strategy and positioning / logo development