Discovering the brand DNA

Retroscreen brand workshop

thinkerdoer ran a successful workshop with AIM listed Retroscreen Virology Group plc to reposition their brand to better reflect the evolved Company and future expansion both here and in the US. Our group included Retroscreen’s CEO Kym Denny, Finance Director Graham Yeatman, Liam Eves who is responsible for the direction of the Company’s ‘humatics’ division which includes the FluCamp brand, and Executive Vice President David Higgins. We were also fortunate to have Nick Staples who we previously worked with on the Protherics brand prior to its sale to BTG plc who’s understanding of the sector and ability to get to the heart of what a life sciences business does in a most concise and easy to understand way is always an advantage. The full day session stimulated some interesting perspectives on who the Company is today and potential future visual encapsulation.

brand strategy and positioning / brand definition and identity creation / brand implementation / logo development