Capturing disease in motion

hVIVO photoshoot

Retroscreen Virology plc had changed much as a company since its conception. thinkerdoer were asked to look at their brand and reposition it. Our recommendation was to change the name to hVIVO to relay the company's broader vision and pioneering efforts using human studies to revolutionise drug development. Alongside this we create a whole new brand that captured their mission perfectly; capturing disease in motion so that better treatments can be found faster.

thinkerdoer produced an extensive visual toolkit containing messaging and tone of voice, and a unique image library and style. These powerful brand guidelines provided an inspirational starting point for the hVIVO marketing team grow the business further in the UK and US. They were also used, with our guidance, so that local suppliers could produce cost sensitive items such as the website and annual report in an on message, uniformed way.

photography and illustration